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Component / Customer Supplied Rifles $1175
Factory Rifle Accurize Package
- pillar bed stock with Marine Tex®
- recrown barrel
- clean and inspect chamber and barrel
- inspect, adjust and clean trigger
- lap lugs (if headspace allows)
- lap scope rings
- free float barrel
Blueprint Remington 700 Action & Bolt $250
Standard Barrel Install (+ cost of barrel)
– magnums add $35 – thread and cap add $155
Pillar Bed Stock $260
Skim Bed Chassis or V Block Stock $195
Jewell Trigger with Install and Adjust $290
Cut and Recrown Barrel $135
Cerakote™ Complete Rifle in OD Green, Graphite Black, Flat Dark Earth or Sniper Gray (for colors not listed add $25)
One Color$290
Two Colors$345
Cerakote Action and Bolt Only $135
Cerakote Barrel Only $85
Glass Bead or Aluminum Oxide Blast Complete Rifle $120
Glass Bead or Aluminum Oxide Blast Barrel Only$45
High Gloss Polish Finish on Barrel $105
Thread muzzle (includes blended thread protector) $165
Standard muzzle brake install (brake not included) $160
Flute Barrel$165
Flute Bolt$85
Sight in rifle (ammo cost not included)$100
Deep clean, oil and inspect $100
Transfer Fee$30
Shipping and handling, taxes and/or transfer costs are not included in above pricing. Prices subject to change without notice.

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